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It’s appropriate that I begin my thoughts by defining what I mean when I refer to worship. Yes, whatever we do for the glory of God is an act of worship. However, my focus will be on the use of music in worship. I want to parse my thoughts on how we express worship of God in the context of what primarily happens during Sunday services.

Music is one expression of worship. Style has no bearing on worship. Music is a means to glorify God by enjoying Him. Corporate singing is a taste of what Heaven will be like. It can be a connection to the saints of old. It strengthens the unity of the Body of Christ. Music allows us to understand deeper meaning than words alone. Worship is a means for learning and relearning theology. Worship can heal the soul.

We are called to worship through song numerous times in the Bible. Worship is an act of obedience. It is a call to repentance. Worship does not need to stir emotion to be worship. Worship reminds us of God’s past greatness and His future plan. Worship is about God’s story. Our story intersects with God’s, but it is not the focus of worship.

Worship is difficult to define. I don’t claim to have a complete definition of worship here.  I’m not sure we will fully understand worship before we stand in the presence of Almighty God.  So what have I missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


SongwritingSince we moved back to Indiana I’ve been slowly getting back into song writing. Often it’s difficult to find time to myself for the task. I don’t write well around other people, even if they are occupied with other things, and when the TV is going it makes my guitar seem a bit intrusive. (Or maybe it’s the other way around).

Regardless, I’ve been using my iPhone’s voice memo app to jot down the ideas lest I forget them before I can get back to the guitar again. And it occurred to me to use that medium (since my computer is on the fritz from the fire) for releasing some sort of EP. I’ll probably end up releasing it for free via Bandcamp, but if you feel like floating a few bucks our way I’d appreciate it. I hesitate to call it a benefit album, but I’ll be straight and tell you that Progressive has been none too helpful in paying out our insurance claim after the fire. But that’s a story for another day.

I’m still kicking around a track list for the album and it may be a couple days before I can get it cut, but hopefully it will all work out. If you have any thoughts or suggestions leave them below.