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barrelTen days ago I started an experiment with the barrel I got for my birthday. You can read about it here. Now I’d like to post about the results of my very unscientific experiment.

The Setup

I chose the Ethiopia Konga for my first venture in barrel aging coffee for a couple reasons.

1. It was one of the few coffees in my bunch of samples I’d actually roasted and tasted before, many times actually.

2. It’s flavor profile fit with the bourbon I had previously aged in my barrel. The Konga is a dry processed coffee, but not in the gigantic fruit bomb way that we often think of naturals. It’s major characteristic is its creamy body, though it does exhibit some red fruit characteristics as well.

The Result

So based on the changes that I saw in my bourbon over the course of a week, I aged the coffee for the same. The results were interesting. Given coffee’s porous nature it definitely soaked up some of the characteristics of the barrel and the bourbon that had been in there.

I was able to roast the coffee on Monday night and gave it about 18 hours to rest. It came out smelling like no coffee I’d ever tried before. When I tried the coffee (V60 Pour Over for those interested) it tasted like butterscotch, strong, almost fermented butterscotch. Honestly, it was a little harsh. So I let it rest a while longer and tried it again. The 2nd cup was much smoother and more mellow, but still retained the obvious butterscotch flavors, a success.

What I Learned

All these early experiments taught me a lot. For instance, 1 week in a small barrel will make a pretty big difference. But after some more reading no barrel aging I found out that it takes approximately 58 days to equal 1 year in a normal 53 gallon barrel. So I’ll be aging things a while longer in the future.

I was also reminded of the importance of degassing freshly roasted coffee. When I more frequently roasted at home I would often drink my coffee right off the roaster, but some coffee needs more time to rest. This was definitely the case because it turned what was almost harsh into something strange and wonderful.

Right now I’m prepping the barrel for more coffee aging with some Tanqueray Martinis. I can’t wait to taste the results of the cocktail and whatever coffee I decide to follow that with. It should be interesting.

For now we’ve got the Ethiopia Bourbon Barrel Konga in extremely limited quantities at Three Crowns Coffee. But it’s sure to be just the first in a long line of coffee aging experiments.


It boils down to this: go do the work you love and damn the financial consequences. It isn’t suggesting that life should always be easy or that you can make loads of money by doing what you enjoy, but rather that we place too high a value on money and live miserable lives as a result.

It’s the reason I started Three Crowns Coffee. I love coffee. I love roasting, making, introducing people to good coffee, the creativity of it, the smell of it, and on and on the list goes. I had a “better” job before I got into the coffee industry. I made more money and had good benefits, but I was miserable. It made my wife miserable.

Now I work in an industry that most people view as something for high schoolers to make a little cash for the weekend. But I am fortunate and blessed to have this job. I am blessed to be able to make money doing what I love. It makes getting up at 5 am worth it. It makes washing dishes and cleaning bathrooms worth it. It make pouring over the finances for endless hours worth it.

It’s a bit of advice that’s popular at graduation ceremonies and in trendy YouTube videos, but few people follow it. We love to excuse it. “When I have enough money, I’ll start my own business,” “I can’t just quit my job, I’ve got bills to pay and mouths to feed.” I’m not advocating irresponsibility, but I firmly believe if we are pursuing our passions the money will follow.

For some it may mean choosing a path less traveled. Skipping college despite the pressures to graduate from the same school the family has gone to for generations. For others it may mean taking a lower paying job and forgoing the financial security afforded elsewhere. I don’t know where your path will take you, but if you follow your passions it will show in the way you work and that won’t go unnoticed.

Go live the dream.

All this week I’ve been down at the Saint Regis Club¬†helping to put the final touches on the new space and menu for Three Crowns Coffee. It’s exciting! We are finalizing details, getting over caffeinated, and getting in lots of practice on the espresso machine. We’re trying out house made syrups and perfecting recipes. Soft open is slated for Monday morning at 7 am pending enough of the details are in place (and they should be). I’ll keep you posted on a grand opening celebration. For now check out these pictures and follow me on Instagram for more updates.

3cc logo aeropress cold brew dave drawing latte art 1 night deposit pour over first friday sign swedish flag yirg

ImageWell, it’s Friday and I promised a big announcement. Starting in September I will be heading up the brand new coffee program at the St. Regis Club under the name Three Crowns Coffee.

We will bring high end coffee to Warsaw, IN in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Out with the airpots, flavored coffees, and 6 inches of whipped cream. In with the pour overs, traditional Italian espresso drinks, and house made syrups. Our focus will be on educating the public about coffee and the wide variety of flavors within a simple, black cup of coffee. We are looking forward to hosting cupping events and helping people understand the process that coffee goes through before it reaches their cup.

If you’d like to sample some of our coffee we’ll be set up for First Friday either in the alley next to St. Regis or inside in the lobby. We’ll be doing pour over of some of my favorite coffees starting about 5. It’s free, but when it’s gone, it’s gone, so don’t be late.

I’ll post more here as it unfolds. Looking forward to serving your morning cup of coffee.