Goal setting is not something I’ve been very good at historically. If I set goals at all I’m quick to forget them. So I wasn’t very hopeful for my list that I started early this year. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had actually met most of my goals for the year. So here’s a little sampling of how I met my goals this year.

1. We bought a house and we’ve been loving it for almost a year now.

2. Micah James was born April 1, 2014. He’s pretty much amazing and the best peek-a-boo player I’ve ever met.

3. I planted a garden. It was moderately successful. We got a lot of zucchini and some peppers, but exactly zero tomatoes. I think I planted too close to the house and didn’t water enough when it was dry. So at least I have a plan to hopefully get better results this summer.

4. If I’m really honest with myself I’ve only been a marginally better spiritual leader. Here’s to moving further up and further in.

5. We’ve seen a lot of growth at Three Crowns and we’re looking forward to another great year ahead.

6. This year I read only one book from start to finish, Scott Rao’s The Coffee Roaster’s Companion. If you do any coffee roasting I highly recommend it.

7. I’m still sitting on that album. Early this year my recording computer took a major dive and then my recording interface bit the dust. While I still have a version of the finished files I lost all of the individual components. I hope to release the finished files sometime this coming year.

8. No new band. And no more shows this past year. I did start playing more at church which has helped keep up my chops. This coming year I want to get back into recording and playing.

9. We were able to pay off our car this past year. While net we are in far more debt than we started the year with (buying a house will do that to you), we are making strides to being debt free.

10. I’ve learned plenty of new skills being a first time dad and a first time home owner. I’ve also refined a number of skills I already had. Here’s to learning new things and getting better at the skills we already have.

What were you able to accomplish this past year? What do you hope to accomplish in 2015?