bourbon-barrelFor my birthday my wife got me a new 1 liter bourbon barrel. It’s pretty much amazing, just like my wife. I took a week to cure it per the instructions and another week to age some Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon that I got for Christmas. The results were amazing. Smooth, oaky, sweet, and beautiful. I read in some introductory guide to distilling that using a 5 gallon barrel will increase the speed at which the contents age. So, since my barrel is even smaller, I’ve decreased the time I let things age in the barrel.

However, my purpose was not primarily to age spirits, but to age some green coffee beans. I’m certainly not the first to think of this. Both Dark Matter and Ceremony Coffee Roasters offer some barrel aged coffees. But the idea intrigued me enough to want to try it on my own. So now that I’ve had a chance to age some spirits in preparation for the coffee, the question is which one? Here’s the flavor profile of the bourbon I used. Creamy, mellow, ripened red berry, rich, spicy, well-balanced, and moderately sweet.

Here are some of the coffees I have on hand:

Sumatra Harimau Tiger (5334) – Juicy, and sweet with intense fresh bell pepper, herbaceous, lemon and grapefruit flavors.

Tanzania Peaberry Songea (4786) – Sweet cedar.

Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe (5363) – Round with intense tangy florals, sweet lime and lemongrass flavors.

Ethiopia Konga Grade 1 (5362) – Chocolate, floral, lime and buttermilk tones.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 3 Konga (5569) – Floral, coffee cherry, apple, lemonade and wine flavors.

Rwanda Fully Washed Ngororero (5573) – Juicy, sweet and savory, with lemon acidity and a creamy mouthfeel.

Sulawesi Tana Toraja Peaberry (4560) – Smooth and citric with kafir lime leaf flavor.

Vote for your favorite in the comments.