Why do we automatically reach for the salt/sugar/pepper/cream before we try whatever we’re about to put in our mouths. Have we been raised by a generation of bad cooks on heat lamp tanned fast food? Has our cumulative experience been so bad that we anticipate lackluster dining and continue to put up with it?

Maybe it’s my experience at a restaurant that refused to put salt and pepper out on the theory that every dish is supposed to be perfect when it arrives at the table. Maybe it’s because I prefer my coffee black and can’t taste the subtleties of a given coffee when it’s drenched in cream. But I’d like to see people put a little faith in the people in the kitchen and behind the bar. They are the professionals after all.

I’m not saying that your favorite spice or condiment isn’t valid. Sometimes it’s necessary. But do your palette a favor and just try  something as it was intended. Without the salt/sugar/pepper/cream/etc.