syriaNothing that’s happened in Syria was done in secret. We’ve all been watching it unfold. Let me be clear by saying I do not condone the atrocities committed by dictators against their own people or anyone else. But I do not understand this concept of a “red line.” If it is OK for Assad to kill his own people using the standard weapons of war, then why is it suddenly not OK to change the method? The problem only gets more confusing when you consider that by some estimates 100,000 Syrians have been killed in this civil war before the use of poison gas. If you’re making the case for an intervention, you’re not doing a good job. It’s like telling the school bully that he can punch a kid until he bruises, but the minute he draws blood, you’re stepping in.

But all that to say I’m still struggling with this. Part of me says war is terrible and we should not get involved. Our involvement would only escalate the situation possibly bringing in more people and more nations. We hardly know what is going on over there and who is who. We have a history of supporting one side this year and declaring them dictators the next. The other half of me says that innocent people are being killed, we should do whatever we can to prevent this. But is military intervention really the best course of action? Or should we be on the ground seeking to move people out in a humanitarian way using our military to protect innocent lives as we escort them away from the fighting?

War should always be a last resort and it seems to me that we are rushing into this. The American people are not behind it. 60% are against military intervention in Syria. A mere 9% support military action there. I am praying that the President will at least go through the normal channels of waging war as outlined in the Constitution by asking Congress to declare it should we decide to intervene in a militaristic capacity. Pray for the protection of the Syrian people. Pray for those that would be involved in a military intervention. Pray for the unintended consequences of our impending intervention.