worshipThis Sunday I’ll be leading worship for the first time at my church. It’s not the first time I’ve lead worship. But it is the first time I’ve done it in a while. So that got me thinking about worship. What is it? What does it look like here on Earth? How can I as a worship leader direct people into God’s presence? Here’s what I came up with.

Worship is More Than Music

Last weekend we visited my sister-in-law’s church. Off in the corner there was a girl painting while the congregation was lead in song. I’ve been to other churches that do similar artistic things while the singing is happening. But it reminded me that worship isn’t limited to music. Worship happens any time we feel a deeper connection to the Holy Spirit. I think if we’re honest, for many of us, those moments are rare and unexpected. They don’t often fit our mold for what worship should look like. But God knows us best and He meets us where we are.

Worship is Unexpected

The times that I anticipate going to worship God are all too often met without much to show for it. The times I’ve really experienced a deeper connection with God often haven’t followed some well thought out program, or even been during a worship service. I’ve worshiped more often driving down the road in my car just listening to the radio (sometimes not even Christian radio). I’ve worshiped when the sunset takes me by surprise. God knows where to meet us and what our deepest needs are. He longs for us to experience Him in ways that we can’t fully comprehend. He wants to catch us unaware so He can have our full attention.

Worship can’t be Manufactured

This leaves me with a dilemma. This Sunday I’ll be expected to help lead people into God’s presence. But I am woefully unequipped. I feel like the kid with just enough lunch for himself and a few friends and 5,000 people around him with their stomachs growling. All I can do is hand it over to Jesus and give him the opportunity to do something big.

Come Lord Jesus!