A couple days ago I was kicking around the idea of doing a quick release album. I am very happy to report that said album is now finished and available for your listening pleasure over at ericsquires.bandcamp.com. Check out “lofi”, my latest release. For the recording/music geeks I’ll give a little background info on the recording. For those that want lyrics and more info on the songs themselves you can check that out on the bandcamp site.

This is perhaps the quickest I’ve ever put an album together start to finish. Though the title would indicate a lack of technology, I confess it would not have been possible without my iPhone. I recorded all the songs just using the simple voice memos app and I didn’t even use an external mic. Aside from some basic post processing, everything you hear is from the iPhone and all the songs were done in one take. Initially the idea came when I thought my interface wasn’t communicating with my computer. Turns out the thing works much better when it’s plugged all the way in.

Even the album art is a picture I took of myself via Instragram (@ercsguitar). While I could have done all the editing and photoshopping on my phone, I really wasn’t interested in that. My point was to get an EP out quickly. So I set the deadline for today and set a few other basic parameters, like recording with the iPhone, and set about doing it.

The hardest part was finishing up the songwriting. I have a good sense when the lyrics I’m writing don’t ring true and I wanted to capture the emotions and processing we went through and are going through after the fire. I started on The Ballad of Building 13 three days ago and spent a little time on it each day, but it wasn’t clicking. Finally, just moments before I hit record, the last of the lyrics fell into place.

I hesitate to call this a benefit album. I’ll be straight with you. Any money you choose to give will go straight into my personal bank account. We really are doing OK after the fire. We don’t need the money. We may even come out ahead when it’s all said and done. But for now that’s up to the courts and the state insurance commission who is suing Progressive on our behalf and on behalf of one other family who had their renter’s insurance through them. So go ahead and download the album. Give what you’re able, even if that’s a “hey, nice job.”