Indiana FlagI have to be honest, I’m a little tired of the crap we’ve taken since moving back to Indiana from Colorado. When I tell people we recently moved it’s usually met with “Why would you move from Colorado?” and a look that seems to question our sanity. Maybe I’m lazy or I sense the listener doesn’t really want to hear the long version, but I almost always reassure them that we moved back to be close to family. While that is true, there is so much more to it than that.

Here are a few reasons why my home state is awesome. There is more than corn in Indiana.

  • The People – Family and friends are a big part of this, but the people of the great state of Indiana are truly what makes this such a great place to live. After the fire we had more help than we knew what to do with from complete strangers, people that we may never even meet or get to thank. So if you were one of those awesome people, thanks!
  • Indiana is Beautiful – While we may not have mountains or beaches, Indiana is a beautiful state. I’ve never seen a sunset like the ones here.
  • The Government – It’s rare that I praise the government for anything, but I bet your state doesn’t have a $2 Billion (yes, with a “b”) surplus. If you’ve been living in the state for the last 2 years you’re entitled to a $200 tax credit this year. Plus, they are finally trying to repeal the blue laws that prohibit alcohol sales on Sundays.
  • Food – Maybe I’m a little biased because I work for a couple of these, but there are some great things happening here. Check out Cerulean, Chops, The Rusty Dog, 800 Degrees Pizza, and Trionfale Espresso. I’m sure there are more great eateries that could be listed.
  • Higher Education – Notre Dame, Indiana University, Purdue University. Need I say more?
  • Music – Michael Jackson, David Lee Roth, and John Mellencamp all called Indiana home. But there are some great indie artists still making music here. Check out Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s, Plaxton and the Void, Sunny Taylor, Megan King, and Fair Fjola, just to name a few.

I could go on, but I’ll leave you with a quote from GK Chesterton, “If men loved [Indiana] as mothers love children, arbitrarily, because it is THEIRS, [Indiana] in a year or two might be fairer than Florence. Some readers will say that this is a mere fantasy. I answer that this is the actual history of mankind… People first paid honour to a spot and afterwards gained glory for it. Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her.” Brackets substituted to fit the post.